Muse Monitor - See what's really going on inside your head! Real time EEG graphs from your Interaxon Muse headband

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OSC Streaming

Stream data over Wifi to your Mac or PC


Record data to Excel compatible CSV, or Muse Google Protocol Buffer format


Upload recordings to Dropbox


Share brain wave photos with your friends

Absolute wave values

Power Spectral Density

Discrete frequency breakdown

Real time Fast Fourier Transform (FFT)

Raw microvolts

Unprocessed electric signals from your brain

Professional grade spectrogram

FFT plotted over time


Muse Monitor was designed to give easy access to EEG data for neuroscience research students, to further mankind's understanding of the field.

One day we will live in a utopian future where a frail grandmother can step into a mind controlled mechanical suit and go for a jog; but to do that we need to make significant progress on understanding our brain waves. I truly believe that Muse Monitor can help move us towards that.

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